Animal X Classic Series 1 Ep 13

1) CANADA : CADDY (DUR: 7’37) The waters around Vancouver Island, on Canada’s west coast are home to a type of giant marine reptile which is believed to grow to forty feet in length has been given the name Cadborosaurus, after its favourite haunt, Cadboro Bay. The first recorded sighting of Caddy, as it is popularly known, was in 1897. Since then there have been 200 sightings of the creature, which reportedly has a horse-like head, needle thin teeth, a long scaly body and muscles that ripple when it swims. Dr Edward Bousfield, a former biologist has studied the mountain of reported sightings and speculates that the creature is a type of reptile left over from pre-historic times, feeding on fish, squid and sea birds, but without hard evidence the creature remains a mysterious unexplained monster. 2) Israel : RED HEIFER (DUR: 6’30) The legend of the Red Heifer is as old as the bible itself. The story of a young cow, which according to Jewish people, is capable of changing the world. Animal X travelled to Israel and the holy city of Jerusalem to investigate what many believe is a modern day miracle — the discovery of a perfect Red Heifer, that meets all the Biblical requirements of a sacred animal. We also go trekking with an American archaeologist who claims to have found the ashes of the original Red Heifer, lost for over two thousand years. As we approach a new millennium, Animal X asks “could this Red Heifer be a sign that the world is waiting for?”. 3) Australia : BIG
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With the opening ceremonies approaching, Sports Editor Tom Jolly talks about the weather issues in Vancouver.

10 Responses to “Animal X Classic Series 1 Ep 13”

  1. Smarigdine says:

    Those mystery black cats have been seen in England and the US as well. Maybe it’s just? a psychological thing.

  2. DramaKrzy says:

    Poor? cow..

  3. themightyPhantom says:

    why dont they get a high grade night vision scope or now a thermal imaging sight exspensive but effective the only downside is that the ausies are only allowed bolt actions but a single 303 or 308 soft point? will kill the cat just as well

  4. lawlWHORExx says:

    Oh my god I used to watch this show? when I was nine. This is wonderful!

  5. APES2L8 says:

    The prophecies of nobody’s religion will change the world. Only the manipulation of politicians that will play on? our fears.

  6. Dalle89 says:

    well we? would care IF the prophecies is true and could change the world.. duh

  7. BearNutsFan says:


  8. TheMrXerox says:

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  9. ReliableInsider says:

    Where the hell is a place like Canada supposed to find snow in the middle of February???

    Ordinarily, Canadians spend February walking around in swimsuits and bare feet.


    Sigh. ?

    NOW do you believe in global warming?

  10. gotohellpunk says:

    embarassing olympics so far
    and i’m a canadian?