An Horse – Camp Out

An Horse - Camp Out

An Horse – ‘Camp Out’ Official Music Video. Directed by Angela Kendall. From the debut album ‘Rearrange Beds’. Filmed in Vancouver, BC.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “An Horse – Camp Out”

  1. MudX7 says:

    It’s probably a derived variation of the? term “An Hero”

  2. chicoetereo says:

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,? hell yeah!

  3. kickorhit89 says:

    00:41 omg,? did she actually fall down? o_O

  4. hartenskim says:

    just found this band, and I am so in love, amazing!?

  5. ThisNThatChannel says:

    Definitely my favorite song at the moment.An Horse and Tegan and Sara? have a huge influence on my music/lyrics 🙂

  6. 191859111 says:

    camp? out

  7. reesabrasssss says:

    They were absolutely? amazing in Saskatoon on August 8. Got to meet them

  8. doonungfungpleng says:

    hahaha I laugh ’till I? cry

  9. Danny C. says:

    It was Kate that had the name originally, because Kate’s sister and her had an argument over how to pronounce the word ‘horse’ in a sentence due to the light sound the ‘h’ makes.?

  10. whatthenef says:

    i havent’t met “them” yet? couldn’t just go ahead? and say “her”?

  11. missrexie says:

    I believe so too. I wonder if it is the? same in Australia? I’ve heard it’s “An Horse” because they couldn’t agree whether it was “A horse” or “An horse.”

  12. shorty7096 says:

    I don’t care about language rules… An Horse is just so displeasing for my mouth to say. I love the? music it’s just hard to tell others when I keep saying “An Orse.” Cx

  13. josiahsebregts says:

    shutup guys.

  14. BigFootHunt says:

    Saw them? yesterday and she was a sweetheart, don’t know what you’re talking about.

  15. velonerd2 says:

    AN HORSE would indeed be proper Queens English. Here in the USA I can’t stand American, too? many weired rules.

  16. TheSnoopy1750 says:

    I? also like their song “Walls”.