Americanface Part One
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  1. Matthew Combs says:

    View a Powerful presentation of Salvation. Just wanted to send you a video that might be a good? tool for your church. Click on my name to view a powerful video that gives a movie-trailer-like presentation of the gospel. 8 people were saved in our church after watching it. It’s called “Mankind’s Greatest Question…ANSWERED.” If it’s not helpful to you disregard this comment and I apologize for being a bother to you. Thank you!

  2. bebel0l says:


  3. CivilRights4Olympia says:

    Oh? yeah…

  4. GoodMarijuanaStrains says:

    holy shit this? is crazy

  5. xKanden15x says:

    Wow… that was awesome.?

  6. iwanttocrashmybike says:

    I posted? a bulletin weeee

  7. SuperOusie says:

    your a thinker? with experiance, and extreamly italigent I whish I could be the same .

  8. brotherfrank62 says:

    2 Peter Chapter 1:vers.4-10 These are the things we need to add to or faith. From Genesis to Revelation God has all ways gave the world two options live? Godly are die spiritually.

  9. AsideBsideTV says:

    You sir, are? a genius.

  10. Zeqmont says:

    I want? this in theaters. Fund it. God this is good.

  11. McFucer says:

    WOW… ur fuked up man… & I LIKE IT? hahahahahaha

  12. juliegoodwin1 says:

    – i’ve got green eyes too…

  13. evilumbrellala says:

    how did? i get here ?

  14. luckyladycj says:

    Very different.? You are extremely creative!!

  15. millertym1976 says:

    “What do I care…? I’m from Canada”… LOL

  16. nipissing123 says:

    this is far? better than 99% of what’s coming out of hollywood. diggin it. especially ‘cus i was out in tofino in the mid 90s. thank god someone is making movies. or whatever this is.

  17. silentscope202 says:


  18. AlmightyDoubleHelix says:

    You scare the crap? out of me…

  19. TERb8 says:

    very impressive piece of? work.

  20. flyman1054 says:

    I need a technician for my glasses, someone with a creative bent.? Nice vid,,will look for more.

  21. rustyKush says:

    shits deep.? shits real deep.