Allure Of The Seas Cruise Nov. 25,-Dec 2, 2012

Home video of our Cruise on Allure of the Seas, with shore excursions on Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. The video and still photography was shot in 3D …

13 Responses to “Allure Of The Seas Cruise Nov. 25,-Dec 2, 2012”

  1. kostadin kostadinov says:

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  2. Lars Christian Hatle says:

    I love this video?

  3. Tamara Davis says:

    I’m leaving on July 12th. I’ve already been on Oasis….but I’m even more excited to sail? on Allure.

  4. Orisseau Acelas says:

    Thank you so much. I will? go on May 5th -12th do you have any advice for me?

  5. Jan Godfrey says:

    We go on this beautiful ship on? Sept 29…you have given us sooo much to look forward to. Thank you xx

  6. Jan Godfrey says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us. Se have totally enjoyed watching? your video.

  7. MOTLEYBRUE says:

    great? job.

  8. ButterBeanMcGee says:

    I see the locals are “friendly” in Charlotte Amalie,? St. Thomas. Wow!

  9. DonLandis says:

    We usually book our cruises online but this one was a group event, the Home Theater Cruise so we just signed up through their? TA.

  10. USFanLovesMinHo says:

    That is wonderful. We are planning to book a cruise on the Oasis Class for the first week of? Dec 2014; however, RCCL has not opened any months after August for bookings. Did you book on line or through a travel agency?

  11. DonLandis says:

    Edit- I meant? Panasonic 3D1 3D camcorder.

  12. DonLandis says:

    Thank you. Yes this Junior? Suite cabin had an excellent view. Book early and careful planning achieves these wonderful views for a price we can afford.

  13. DonLandis says:

    Weather? was perfect. Seas calm. Could not have been better.