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Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Responses to “AIR CANADA B777-200LR”

  1. guitarczar15 says:

    what a sweet? job…

  2. LOLMAN22 says:

    yea me!! ?

  3. JustPlanes says:

    You are very kind!! Thanks so much and? looking forward to your review! Thanks again

  4. Benjemen85 says:

    I? purchased this dvd like a year back and couldn´t watch it till yesterday but i must say that justplanes went straight through the roof with that one, amazing work esspecially the camera man was amazing capturin everything the pilots pointed out well done. As a pilot myself i must say that i have never seen more professional guys like the ones on this dvd in specific the two on route from Toronto to Vancouver. Again I am a huge fan of your work and I will definately write a review on your page.

  5. professional3289 says:

    I will.?

  6. nick bond says:

    Hey I’m taking this route to Sydney? in June next year#

  7. JustPlanes says:

    Flight information can be found on? our worldairroutes website

  8. Grebsterboy says:

    how long did this flight take??

  9. AKPaper says:

    Same? thing, mate 🙂

  10. ARMA365 says:

    No princess julian? ._.

  11. AKPaper says:

    A flight attendant is named? Julianna? Princess Julianna?

  12. spekiion says:

    San Francisco, San Francisco… Air Canada 2-0-3-3 on 6-6. ?

  13. seastar00k says:

    Awesome cabin filled by cabin attendants from all over the? world.

  14. robertpwassmer says:

    i love the 777s….?

  15. Tommy Stevens says:

    Great Video.
    Anyone else? want to be a pilot (: