After Hours with Cory Schneider – 03.31.12 – HD

Cory Schneider joins Scott Oake and Daryl Reaugh on After Hours.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

46 Responses to “After Hours with Cory Schneider – 03.31.12 – HD”

  1. badbones24 says:

    is schneider american??

  2. Cory Schneider says:


  3. TheTedBrogan says:

    Yeah..Im not saying Pavelec is a vezina goalie but the games I saw or the highlights of most of the season I thought he bailed them out more than he lost games for them. I think they could build around him? but thats just me,everyone is different.

  4. ApotheosiZ says:

    Not trying to knock Pavelec but I don’t get to watch all their games (because of my location and they aren’t on TV? majority of the time) but the ones I did watch I wasn’t very impressed by the goaltenders proformances (they let in some easy saves or let in a crucial goal that could of been the difference maker) but that doesn’t matter now, because it looks like Schneider is gonna stay in Van.

  5. TheTedBrogan says:

    Jets? Pavelec played a huge part? in Winnipeg being successful this year. The guy stood on his head.

  6. TheTedBrogan says:

    Cory? isnt going anywhere.

  7. TheTedBrogan says:

    Where? did my top comment go? lol it has 121 thumbs up!!

  8. montagcommunique says:

    Super fan is more like it, but no rose-colored glasses. You wanna build a statue for a guy who? blew it every year for us? 10 million a year isn’t enough compensation?

  9. e12433 says:

    Schnieder has to stay! If he leaves my heart will be? broken! Cory Schneider is amazing<3

  10. Canuckaholic1994 says:

    trade Luongo to tampa or Florida panthers

    tampa is in florida where he? stays in offseason and florida is florida so he can be closer to home.

  11. hemsky83 says:


  12. ApotheosiZ says:

    Damn, with Roloson retiring that would make sense, but honestly if? I could choose were he goes if the Canucks have to trade him it would be Winnipeg because they need a solid goalie to keep them in the game as they build a team and also I decide that would be my second team when they announced that the Jets were coming back even though I’m not from there, they are a classy organization & fan base and deserve a good goalie and good team.

  13. sweetpresidentmatt says:

    dont let luongo start? i will kill myself

  14. pyder31 says:

    That is such a sick? suit

  15. Juliatmll says:

    9:28 and 13:18 for those? who just came here for the AV and Burrows impressions 😉 Haha

  16. Nickodemusodurn says:

    I think I could deal with? that better. As long as Kane isn’t on the team…

  17. dwight howard says:

    wat? bout chicago?

  18. timmythmm says:

    if you close your eyes you wont be? able to tell the difference

  19. Michael Kwan says:

    Yeah! A mention for? @passittobulis!

  20. gottahavefit says:

    “anyone do you ? ” WHY IS HE ASKING, GAYYYEEEEEE?

  21. gottahavefit says:

    i? cant express how hard i laughed at this comment, because it is so true hahaha

  22. gottahavefit says:

    i cant express? how hard i laughed at this comment, because it is so true hahaha

  23. lazystevie says:

    starts? at 15:03

  24. Magik604 says:

    Holy crap Daryl get off Cory’s dick you geek. Not everything? he does or says is the funniest thing ever.

  25. CodPK2 says:

    Lmao heres a question? on twitter by GayCanuckFan

  26. iSephMusic says:

    dat eye contact lol ?

  27. ThisW1lBeHardToSpel says:

    Meeeh, I’ll stick with? my ASUS Xonar STX.

  28. Amani Smith says:

    i got a motu? mk3 896 hybrid … how do you rate this device

  29. Jacob Calzonetti says:

    What? soundcard would you recommend to use along with ableton live and an Apc40? Im looking to run my powered speakers right from my soundcard with 1/4 balanced line outs. Currently looking at the Audio 2 DJ from NI. Thanks in advance!

  30. dubmonkeyaudio says:

    Thanks 🙂 ?

  31. Chris Mosley says:


  32. Chris Mosley says:

    all of? them

  33. djaka401 says:

    whats a good soundcard? that let you turn down or mute the monitor and still be able to hear mix in the headphone?

  34. dubmonkeyaudio says:

    Hi Vespers I have a question for you. Hope you can help me. So I recently placed one of my Adam A5x studio monitors on top of the? focusrite 6 USB to save some space. Its Weight is 6.4kg. is that too much Weight? will it damage ? Cheers

  35. Preston Holland says:

    Thanks, this helped a lot!?

  36. FUreplygirl says:

    I want to watch? this, but my sound card is broken.

  37. VipMss says:

    Sooner or later, Every Knee Will Bow, Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ is Lord — JESUS? CHRIST IS LORD — MARANATHA

  38. Kristoffer Lislegaard says:

    If your plan on slowing/pitcing down your samples higher? samplerate makes a huge difference.

  39. Tek Cyclo says:

    Thanks for these? explanation

  40. BeatGenerals says:

    Nice track! Check out my page for FL Studio beat tutorials ranging in styles from French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, Drake to Justice League!?

  41. pontikas says:

    what operating system do you use ??

  42. Benjamin Bursell says:

    Hey, I was looking into apogee sound cards, like the the apogee one and the duet.? Could the apogee one be used for live performance in ableton or would I need the duet? I am rather new to live performance and the concept of sound cards. Thanks a ton

  43. andykrst1 says:

    Love your work? Vespers.

  44. andykrst1 says:

    From what I know, the difference between 96k and 192k sample rates/master clocks is that they have more transitional anti-aliasing (light slope lowpass) filters to stop those unwanted,? inaudible frequencies from coming into the audible range. Sure there is no real difference between recording 16,44.1 or 24,48/88.1 but the quality of the anti aliasing filters improves at a higher sample rate…depending on the latency of the DAW and the quality of the preamps or sample&hold on the soundcard.

  45. NarcissistsDie says:

    Really well presented,? concise and informative.

  46. 012jason says:

    very informative