Aerowin – A Minecraft Cruise Liner

*Edit: Not currently on a server* Heres my latest epic build on Minecraft, I spent a good 24 hours making this so if you like it then click this link to download it for ur self and also rate it too 🙂 Link:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “Aerowin – A Minecraft Cruise Liner”

  1. Alex Howard says:

    can we downloaded?

  2. 02brobro says:

    I don’t know how to like vids on iPod touch so? I subscribed

  3. TheWafflerBros says:

    Kool! Add? Zeppelin mod to it 😀

  4. Alex Drezek says:


  5. mikael norrbacka says:

    Very? good

  6. Josh Garza says:

    combine this with? zeppelin mod

  7. HIPEDUPairsoft says:

    lol you almost said dick?

  8. Luke Foster says:

    you? should put vilagers in it for pasengers

  9. Elissa Lehnhardt says:


  10. fithfunseeker says:

    you? are fly Gus stereo

  11. leon heatley says:

    did you say you can downlord the? map. if you did how

  12. TheTotrodder says:

    Awsome mate, they’re not easy to do,? cause am building one right now !

  13. Gus Ster says:

    Hey guys lets? burn it

  14. Nathan Men says:

    ummmmmm ok? byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  15. MrFishnchips22 says:

    can you make another video showing the top of the pool because im building? it on xbox and thats the only bit i cant build

  16. creepz1995 says:

    how do u download? the ship on my Minecraft

  17. MrPhipp10 says:


  18. loris baljak says:


  19. GeneralDiamonds64 says:

    epic ship and also is planet? minecraft trustworthy in terms of viruses? Please reply.

  20. Anya Nevtonova says:

    I love your cruises? but they should be a little more detailed and bigger