AdviceSisters: Norwegian Cruise LInes EPIC new wave stateroom

Recorded on July 3, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. This video is a tour of the new wave stateroom balcony cabin 10095 on the new, Norwegian Cruise LInes EPIC, shot by Alison Blackman of the Advice Sisters during the 2-day inaugural. The ship is gorgeous and innovative. I welcome your comments.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Originally uploaded in 2007. Same video uploaded in HD can be seen now on YouTube. Follow the link in this video.

15 Responses to “AdviceSisters: Norwegian Cruise LInes EPIC new wave stateroom”

  1. nutritiousacne99 says:

    I’m going on my first trip in January to the Carribean,? Ibefore booking I read sonme good articles at cruisesforthefamily (.) com

  2. askalisonb says:

    I think all of the non-fee restaurants are good, and I would suggest booking the extra fee ones once in a while., I don’t really have a favorite…..although I? do like the Teppenyaki room for entertainment!

  3. askalisonb says:

    I only WISH! Thanks so much for the comment. Being one of the first to sail on the EPIC was truly fun and? special

  4. 1116bb says:

    i will be going on the ncl the gem ? we booked a balcony room as well can you give me any pointers on the freestyle eatries are they worth the wait or what and how is the food quality i can’t wait to get on my boat the gem thanks for any pointers you give great video

  5. Wild1995 says:

    Wonderful review
    They should hire you to review every cabin and suite? category
    Very thorough and very objective

  6. suncoastregion says:

    Thanks This gives me a better idea of what? everyone has Bern talking about

  7. sharifah75 says:

    Thanks for the information.? I’m sure this will assist others.

  8. TheBulento says:

    i used to work on it as a waiter 12 years ago she was hot one then? and id like to cruise on it again

  9. lenrapp says:

    Hi…I have some CD’s I bought on the internet that were royalty free loops and sound tracks. This was one of them in the collection. I bought it from a guy on eBay awhile ago and the album I think this one was from was called ZZZing. I just did a google search and found it. They don’t let you put? in links here, but I did the search using zzzing royalty free music and located it. Cost was $24.95 on this one site. They let you listen to sample cuts. Good Luck.

  10. t0nton says:

    yo i like? the muzk. wats this song

  11. dream2122 says:

    Thanks for posting this video. We are booked this coming May 3rd,2010 out from Miami.Cant wait to see this Ship after Refurbished. I didnt really know what to expect because this is gonna be our first time with? celebrity.We are visitng the fallowing Ports:George Town, Grand Cayman,Cozumel, Mexico,Playa Del Carmen, Mexico,Key West, Florida. (:)

  12. lenrapp says:

    This was one of my older slide shows and I used iPhoto 07 to produce it. My latest videos are now produced in iMovie HD on an iMac and are much better. Check out the video I did on Dreams or Iberostar they are High Definition? and are much better.

  13. lencoba says:

    cant wait for my transatlantic cruise in? may now…. great clip..which program did you use ?

  14. shrekward says:

    Was on this ship actually a year ago this week around the Med, and although she isn’t as new or as big, she is a very? nice ship to cruise on. Very fond memories of her!

  15. 1974gbj says:

    Hey, I am going on the cruise from Barcelona the week before you on the 3rd October. Its coming up soon now. Can’t wait !?