Abs of steel

A few nice Vancouver British Columbia images I found:

Abs of steel
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by Eyesplash – A summer of ups and downs
This is a small section of one of the bronze sculptures from the a-Maze-ing laughter display at Davie st. and Denman st. in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vancouver Coastal Health’s Vancouver General Hospital morgue
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by Vancouver Coastal Health
Vancouver Coastal Health’s Vancouver General Hospital morgue is where bodies are stored until they are identified and claimed, or until arrangements for burial or cremation are made. The VGH morgue also performs autopsies in order to determine how someone died. The room pictured is where autopsies take place.

22 Responses to “Abs of steel”

  1. Sandra Whiteway says:

    superman or bust!

  2. Jyoti'S says:


    Cool capture!! lovely colors can be seen on the bronze abs. 🙂

    TFS!!! 🙂

  3. dragonflydreams88 says:

    . . . great PoV!!!

  4. ineedathis says:

    Man you look great! you been doing sit ups again Mikul?
    Great art for sure!

  5. peggyhr says:

    Cool 6-pack!

  6. trondjs says:

    haha! Not sure about the frame, but the photo is a very cool close-up!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  7. David Gn Photography says:

    Wow! Awesome self portrait! So, are you going to shoot other parts of your bod, too? Like… below the belt, so to speak…

  8. Eyesplash - A summer of ups and downs says:

    The frame was so I could put a title on it.
    The actual statue is a bit more bland than what I presented here.


    Super find, nicely depicted, brother.
    I wish I had the same abs:-)

  10. Eyesplash - A summer of ups and downs says:

  11. John Stenberg says:

    Like me! I’m named after the duke and eat nails for breakfast.

  12. Now and Here says:

    Ha… abs of… bronze? Nipples of nickle?

  13. Dave DiCello says:

    Whoa, great details here! Well done!


  14. iTail ~ Steve Page says:

    Damn Mikul – you’ve been working out since your last body image… when do you find time for photography…. LOL…….

  15. Sayran says:

    nice find and capture.

  16. Dan Anderson. says:

    looks like man boobs to me :O

  17. CORDAN says:

    Looking good!

  18. ... ? says:

    I remember these guys; im sure they are very popular amongst the locals 🙂

  19. Sunciti _ Sundaram's Images + Messages says:

    Good Morning Mikul, I wish You have it in your middle. and expose it oftern, You will become an instant celebrity and all in this beautiful world will be after you. All the best.

  20. moorepix4u2c says:

    from the thumbnail, i though it was you!

  21. ~ Aaron Reed ~ says:

    Every time I see your buddy icon I hear robotic dance music in my head, and expect you to twirl in circles and blow bubbles out of your mouth at any moment.

  22. chechnyatx says:

    Very neat and clean