Ab-Soul – Black Lip Bastard [Remix] (Feat. Black Hippy)

Ab-Soul – Black Lip Bastard [Remix] (Feat. Black Hippy) Ab-Soul – Black Lip Bastard [Remix] (Feat. Black Hippy)

Studio 90 Extra Time talks to US WNT forward Sydney Leroux about her amazing journey to the Women’s National Team. Growing up in Vancouver, BC, Leroux dreamt of playing for the WNT, and Studio 90 Extra Time asks her how she made that dream a reality. Leroux also previews the big match against Costa Rica on Friday, Jan. 27, 2012 for a spot at the London Olympics.
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  1. GALAXYAD83 says:

    go watch the video its out? now

  2. njdevine02 says:

    TDE? and G.O.O.D Music.

  3. MrScarber says:


  4. MrSk8Video says:

    try? itunes….

  5. cr3mat3rownz says:

    The first person do dislike this video should be? mutilated on live television..

  6. zziKlutchz says:

    Jay? Rock is extremely underrated

  7. EZDOEZITtv says:

    souls just to dope
    hes? the storyteller to me…

  8. kingkerouac94 says:

    real talk?

  9. mattlions says:

    This song is a juggernaut. Plowing? through buildings.

  10. The77bigjohn says:

    Sydney is awesome…great goal? today vs New Zealand! #2012Olympics

  11. BeiberHater8 says:

    Go Sid!?

  12. Chyna Deveroux says:

    Her? dimples!

  13. princedr2010 says:

    she soooooooo hot?

  14. mndwyer08 says:

    haha she said? “oohute”

  15. stunnerrocker says:

    Tobin Heath with? Alex Morgan interview … Please??

  16. TheAtrain817 says:

    cute but alex? morgan way better..

  17. TheAtrain817 says:

    and? she act like she smoke weed hahah

  18. bboymummy says:

    she’s such a cutie!!!!?

  19. mrjroc318 says:

    Her father is Ray Chadwick, a black baseball player? who pitched briefly for the Angels. Her mother is Canadian.

  20. ashleyenglish95 says:

    @tobinheath1278 but she does have american ancestors… Her? dad

  21. gabbia1997 says:

    I think? its hilarious when soccer players are talking about the future and they say “my goal is…”

  22. mj097 says:

    you just need to get american citizenship? and you’ll be able to play

  23. championcharley says:

    depends? on the years you lived there, hey btw!

  24. tobinheath1278 says:

    So if your ancestors aren’t American and you? weren’t born in America, so you’re not American in any way but you live there can you still play for the uswnt?

  25. mavs2147 says:

    It looks like the USWNT will continue to be a? powerhouse for many years to come. Sydney looks like she has what it takes to be one of the best players on this team, even one of the best to ever play for the US.

  26. mavs2147 says:

    I’m a guy but the USWNT? vids are better than USMNT’s. Keep up the good work.

  27. TheRabidbunnies says:

    She’s pretty

  28. ThePto95 says:

    i am going to marry sydney leroux? back off guys, im going to play the mens national team soon

  29. rutgersmike says:

    seems? like a good kid. I wish her the best.

  30. mindajane says:

    Nice interview!! She is so beautiful and such an amazing soccer player and athlete!! Go? get em girl!!

  31. mcullum06 says:

    he always is. he needs a new? hair style….!