A VFX Demo Reel by Murugan Sampath – Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Created by Vancouver Film School student Murugan Sampath through the VFS 3D Animation & Visual Effects program.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Seasoning With Vancouver Island Salt - Shaw TV Victoria

Shaw TV’s Karen Elgersma meets one man who turned a simple seasoning into a serious local business.

23 Responses to “A VFX Demo Reel by Murugan Sampath – Vancouver Film School (VFS)”

  1. AEWarehous says:

    After Effects vs? Nuke?

  2. VancouverFilmSchool says:

    It means that if you enroll in the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program, you will learn how? to use Nuke. Keep in mind that software, while important, is a means to a bigger end. 🙂

  3. Argarsad says:

    does that mean if i want to apply to 3D Animation & Visual Effects i need to know how to use Nuke?
    Because i don’t know how to? use Nuke at all.

  4. joel4581 says:

    Thanks for your reply? 🙂

  5. VancouverFilmSchool says:

    This visual effects for this project were? created using Nuke.

  6. joel4581 says:

    Which softwares are used? to make this video..

  7. AndrewFlando says:

    hey man sweet? video do you think you can come watch my videos and tell me what you think so i can improve

  8. yizmo217 says:

    Only glitch was the part where he um lifted the helmet. There wasn’t any glow? on his hand or face yet the helmet was reflecting its glow on the table.

  9. playertoto805 says:

    3 people can not wear a helmet? like that !


    ?????! ?? ???????? ???????

  11. Legendary570 says:

    look at? his mouth

  12. cedeeme says:

    Excellent !
    Beau? travail.

  13. YacVFX says:

    Just? awesome

  14. josevala86 says:

    esta genial..?

  15. beanzton1 says:

    the eyes, the eyes…….good effects though

  16. PsyMike3d says:

    awsome? work and music!!!!!

  17. masteircheef says:

    you didn’t do? a breakdown on the death stare….

  18. AngelWingDuelist says:

    yes i am indeed.?

  19. stickfigure42 says:

    You are unable to detect? sarcasm.

  20. AngelWingDuelist says:

    umm dumb ass the guy is real there for unfake?

  21. biobuxxer says:

    yeah i? noticed it! hahahah!

  22. ShizzMaster says:

    Soooooo fake!! The animation on? the guy is so bad, nobody moves unnaturally like that 😉

  23. babygran44 says:

    top notch? video effects but his face was funny as shit