A Rugged Beauty – North Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island is a nature lover’s paradise. Its 32000 square kms of rainforest and rocky shores lie just off British Columbia’s Pacific coast, and its northern end is mostly undeveloped wilderness. This show travels to Port Hardy – the small community at its northern tip and the gateway to exploring its untouched natural environment. From discovering the magnificent habitat of the killer whale to soaring high above the rainforest, local residents share their love of the north island, inviting us to experience their world.In flight, at sea or on foot, this place is as close to nature as it’s possible to reach. Experience the North Island from an aerial view Scuba dive in an underwater kelp forest, cruise with the EZ over the wild north coast, take a flight back in time in a vintage WWII aircraft – the Grummond Goose, get a close look at the fascinating world of Orcas and explore the geology of the rugged coastline.
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