A Model Vacation on Disney Cruise Line- Exclusive Tilt-Shift Video

We’re at sea for the latest in our series of never-before-seen looks at Disney Parks. This time it’s a miniature scale journey on the Disney Wonder cruise ship created through the magic of tilt-shift photography. Read more at the Disney Parks Blog: bit.ly

24 Responses to “A Model Vacation on Disney Cruise Line- Exclusive Tilt-Shift Video”

  1. myersonrich says:

    Can I use this music for a video. You will receive full credit? what so ever.

  2. IloveJBiebs1008 says:

    Why does Disney? have to be so awesome!! I just love disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. AwesumJonasBrothers says:

    you should make a tilt-shift of the? original Disneyland Park!

  4. mrchrisdorf says:

    Does anywhere know? where to? find cool instrumental songs like this song!?!?

  5. CartoonyAnimator says:

    Gotta love Disney Cruise Line. I went on a Carnival Cruise b4? disney and it was AHHH! DCL is so much better

  6. skillseboy1 says:

    wow so? cool!
    jou make this awsome!

  7. peepinR says:

    Oh man!!! This makes want to go? on a Disney cruise again so bad!!! Loved my cruise. So much fun!!!

  8. tigerpause444 says:

    awesome vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  9. backhandspring916 says:

    I love this video!! Its soo cool and reminds me? of my disney cruise i took 2 years ago!!!

  10. Cinnamonroll87 says:

    It’s so cool that the? video looked like it was made of minatures, but it really wasn’t! It was just an effect! That’s just awesome!

  11. rupefan says:

    Awesome! I can’t? wait!

  12. iWannaMeetLogan says:

    and to disney, the? video is great! whats the name of the song?

  13. JosiahRocks1 says:

    What is the? song in this video?

  14. Quintinlicious says:

    ah ive been on the magic. i miss it so much :(?

  15. backhandspring916 says:

    This feels like the cruise i went? on last year, only it was on the disney magic!

  16. Jacbo96 says:

    How is that done, it is amazing!?

  17. rykerNsaren says:

    i? m goin there this year i go ther every year

  18. prilstrudel says:

    please Google “sarcasm”? and you will understand anis’ joking comment.

  19. iknownothing34 says:

    Now that Mickey can talk, the next time he and minnie go on the? deck near the bow, he can go titanic and scream, “I’M KING OF THE WORLD!!!”

  20. nicklepa24 says:

    whens? Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios coming out?

  21. mylove4musicsue says:

    What is the name of this style of filming. It is interesting. ?

  22. MRROLO150 says:

    We just came from this? cruise, highly recommend it. Best time my wife, 2 kids and I had in years.

  23. mousemutant says:

    best tilt shift video? ive seen yet!

  24. gymnastgirlflips says:

    Whoah, those clouds at the end coming towards shore looked amazing! I’ve? never been on a Disney cruise, but someday when I take a tiny break from the parks I’ll go. Especially with the Disney Dream.