420 Vancouver Rant & Ride

Yacking about the Vancouver 420 protest while riding my Kawasaki Ninja 400.

Created by Vancouver Film School student Sarah Jolley through the VFS Classical Animation program.

20 Responses to “420 Vancouver Rant & Ride”

  1. Layne Snafu says:

    great to see ya still make’n? vids…

  2. Ðave LeBlanc says:

    lmao ? when the train stopped i thought i’d lost connection!!! 😉

  3. youkokurama21 says:

    cant stop watching the end? part..

  4. Britt3333 says:

    AWE that’s? so cute!

  5. EZbakeROFLcakes says:


  6. Lonelyeco says:

    This was just? beautiful. I loved it!

  7. TheBatyalewbel says:

    SO? CUUUUUTE and the animation was lovely!

  8. iloveramunepop17 says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you can please make another on? them that would be amazing!

  9. looneytoonlover says:

    All the feels!!!? He’s just so lanky and floppy and all around ADORABLE!!!!!! This is SO GOOD!!!!!! >w<

  10. jenn071000 says:


  11. starzcharmed says:

    I? love this!

  12. saturn671 says:

    I love the drawing style, and the storyline.? I really want to draw those two characters!

  13. EmperessClaudia says:


  14. HypaSonicDeathMonkey says:

    Oh, it’s a hat. I spent like three minutes? thinking the guy had the hair of Spike Spiegel.

  15. rebbon20 says:

    Is the person who directed? this familiar with Osamu Tezuka’s “Broken-Down Film”? Because this definitely reminds me of that earlier piece.

  16. toytoy77 says:

    vomited a? rainbow!

  17. lookupsensation says:

    Ship it like Fed? Ex.

  18. MeLightk says:

    The sound track is brilliant.? Especially the medieval scene.

  19. MrFragrantSkunk says:

    2:21? It’s Buster Keaton!

  20. Tona Tuni says:

    Nice and? funny. Mostly the funny figure of the man.