4/20 ART GALLERY 2011. 420 Vancouver 2011 at the Art Gallery. Marijuana Party in support of legal weed. Butch wanders around with his Sony Nex-5 on a Slik Lighty Pod monopod. Music by Madd Riddim and singer Ras Nikihilesh ( www.youtube.com ). This is #1 of several uncut clips I will post. Camera Nex-5 with Fish Eye adapter, onboard accessory mic, in intelligent auto. Video by David Silvercloud (Butch).

10 Responses to “4/20 420 VANCOUVER 2011 MARIJUANA PARTY RAW & UNCUT #1”

  1. crashmaste2 says:

    I wish? i was there.

  2. wagthebeast420 says:

    weed is a plant and god put it on the planet there is no sin in smoking weed its a sin its not? legal in most places

  3. ShabooMaster says:

    1:04 The kid on the left in the blue hoodie and? the hat goes to my school. His names Randy.

  4. TheStockey99 says:

    2:38 .. two 13 year olds? smoking joints

  5. Itzthetjjshow says:

    no ?

  6. 3510211 says:

    Thats a shame bro. Get high on Jesus? instead

  7. Itzthetjjshow says:

    i lov god but i lOVE weed more say truth not a lie?

  8. 3510211 says:

    I prey for? you.

  9. 3510211 says:

    It is a sin bro. ?

  10. 3510211 says:

    Preaching to the choir bro. weed is a gateway drug. not only will one puff potentially shut down your nervous system (if the bud is too dank like the? doc told myus about cousin’s death) but it can also make your smoke meth or heroin and eventually you will become a prostitute to fund your addiction. Sad but true