25+ Things To Do In Vancouver, British Columbia

Here is a list of things to do in Vancouver (in and around).

Things To Do In Vancouver: Take A Hike – Around Stanley Park

Rather than wait until the best thing to do in Vancouver, BC, I will start with it… and, it is free. Stanley Park. Every Vancouver travel guide will devout a section to Stanley Park.

Here is why I like it… You start as you exit the city, and if you go clockwise you see: English Bay, mountains, Vancouver valley, a marina, downtown skyline and back to where you started.

Stanley Park for the outdoors enthusiast, Stanley Park is the epitome of a city park with bike trails winding around the 10 km seawall, hiking trails throughout, roller-blading and walking routes, and an abundance of perfect spots to picnic. On any given day you’ll find athletes, joggers, artists, photographers, families, and animal lovers taking advantage of the laid-back vibe of this famous park.

See Stanley Park in less than 2 minutes.


Things To Do In Vancouver: English Bay
You can find English Bay most easily from Stanley Park. Walk, bike, skate, stroll, jog, jaunt, run or just daydream along the beautiful two lane walking-biking path all along the circumference of Stanley Park to the bridge. Be sure to look for the palm trees… the climate is so mild.

See everything to do in English Bay in less than 5 minutes.


Things To Do In Vancouver: Go Climb A Mountain – Try Grouse Mountain
Just at about any intersection in downtown Vancouver, you can peek, between the scrapers, at the peaks of the Coast Mountains. The mountains come right down to the city. The mountains are perfect for mountain climbing junkies – challenging yet close to civilization. Vancouver is the center hub city of the Coast Mountains.

If you are feeling adventurous, try Grouse Mountain. Only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Grouse Mountain attracts locals and tourists alike. The views are spectacular, the lumberjack shows are entertaining, you may see bears and the strolls divine. Perhaps the best place to visit in the Vancouver area. During the summer, guests enjoy hiking, Zip Line Adventures, para gliding, sightseeing, lumberjack shows and more. In winter, you can ski, snowboard and snowshoe. Grouse Mountain also features several different dining options.

The full Grouse Mountain experience is under 6 minutes

Things To Do In Vancouver: Downtown Vancouver (Duh!)
Downtown Vancouver is beautiful, clean, culturally diverse and vibrant. Lots of restaurants, shopping and hotels. It is easy to get around and most tourists stay at one of the many downtown hotels during their vacation. One local described the city as the diversity of New York City, but without the crime.

While you will walk around downtown, take this 3 minute tour for a fast overview


Things To Do In Vancouver: Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park
The Vancouver Aquarium http://www.vanaqua.org offers over 50,000 creatures. Enjoy dolphin and beluga whale shows, sea otter feeds, shark dives plus the free-roaming animals found in the popular Amazon Gallery. For kids, there is a nice hands-on animal encounter. The aquarium offers a “4D Experience Theatre,” which combines the high-definition excitement of a 3D film with thrilling sensory effects! The Penguin Point exhibit is home to seven African penguins. Open 365 days a year with extended hours in July and August.

Here is one of the critters at the aquarium


Things To Do In Vancouver: Take A Ferry Rid

Here is a map of where BC Ferries travel to…

BC Ferries Map

Mainland – Vancouver Island – Sunshine Coast Ferry Schedules

Mainland Ferry Schedule -Vancouver Island Routes
Vancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay)
Vancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point)
West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay)
Powell River-Comox (Westview-Little River)

Sunshine Coast Routes – Ferry Schedule
West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale)
Sechelt Peninsula-Powell River (Earls Cove-Saltery Bay)
Bowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
Langdale-Gambier Island-Keats Island (passenger only service)

Saanich Inlet Route- Ferry Schedule
Brentwood Bay-Mill Bay
Things To Do In Vancouver: Sea to Sky Highway – Highway 99
Take the drive from Vancouver to Whistler along the Sea to Sky highway. The views are incredible. The water is glacier-fed and a rich blue color. Many visitors opt to take a Greyhound bus which leave from the main bus terminal. You can get a round trip to Whistler Village. The sea to sky highway is gorgeous and not to be missed with magnificent sea/ocean views for most of the way and then forests.

An 80 minute drive time-lapsed to six minutes


Things To Do In Vancouver: Museum of Anthropology
The Museum of Anthropology is located at 6393 North West Marine Drive (University of British Columbia), Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z2, Canada. The Museum of Anthropology offers an incredible collection of artifacts and art from around the world, artifacts to view, Indian totem poles and an amazing garden.

Tale a quick peek at the museum


Things To Do In Vancouver: Buy Something At The Granville Island Market
Combine native Canadian ingredients with fish from the Pacific Ocean, add a bit of multi-cultural flavors (China & India), stir it all together and you get the perfect place for tourists, and locals, to shop. If you’re a foodie the short trip from downtown to Granville Island and the public market is a required stop. Local artisans have stalls loaded with artifact, fresh fish, fruits and veggies, cheese, artwork, spices, carvings, and… well, you get the idea.

Visit Granville Island


Things To Do In Vancouver: Lynn Canyon Park
Lynn Canyon Park officially opened to the public in 1912 and has been a popular destination ever since. It is the little sister of the Capilano Bridge, it’s small, but surrounded by nature and totally free admission and parking. With many hiking trails, it’s possible to easily enter nature and feel all the peace. Lynn Canyon Park is a great location for a family picnic, a leisurely hike, or a refreshing dip in the water, when it is warm enough. The Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre presents information on the flora and fauna of the area.

See Lynn Canyon Park


Things To Do In Vancouver: Ride The Vancouver SkyTrain
SkyTrain Vancouver’s fully automated metro system. It is designed predominantly as an elevated system which is where it’s name is derived. In essence, it is Vancouver’s version of Chicago’s L Train. SkyTrain has three lines in operation: Expo Line, Millennium Line, and Canada Line. SkyTrain is the world’s longest automated metro system.

Time lapse video of SkyTrain ride… Whoa!


Things To Do In Vancouver: Visit Punjabi Market
Located at Main and East 49th streets, the Punjabi Market will surround you with Indian culture.


Things To Do In Vancouver: VanDusen Botanical Garden
VanDusen Botanical Garden is located at 5251 Oak St., Vancouver, British Columbia V6M 4H1, Canada. For a fee, here you will find, exotic, native, lovely, gorgeous plants and flowers. VanDusen Botanical Garden has 22 hectares of plants and trees. Be sure to visit the nearby Queen Elizabeth Park for a similar beauty but is free and has unbeatable views.

The Garden tour in less than nine minutes.


Things To Do In Vancouver: Tour A Winery
The Vancouver climate is tempered by the Pacific Ocean and thus is surprisingly mild. This mild weather helps with an active wine scene. Wine tours are available to take you just outside of Vancouver to the lush vineyards where you can get a taste of all that British Columbia has to offer.


Things To Do In Vancouver: Chill In Kitsilano
In the 60s, Kitsilano became known as the place for hippies to chill and experience everything that is/was “peace and love.” Imagine Haight Ashbury without the attitude. Kitsilano has ethnic restaurants, funky book stores and laid-back cafes. The people who choose to live here range from “old hippies” to young professionals who enjoy a low-key lifestyle.

Watch the video, you get the idea…