2011 Halloween Vancouver Canada .mpg

So Best place for Halloween parade —-Vancouver How do you think? and if you like this you want share with your friends you can link or embed to your page, I well very happy you share to your friends, just like i share this video with you thanks all people in my video you guys are rock
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A reception for Sonu Nigam after a sold-out concert in Vancouver. Klose to My Heart-Sonu Nigam: Presented by Kamal’s Video Palace. Dhaliwal Banquet Hall, Surrey, BC, Canada. Jun 25, 2012. MC: Tarannum Thind. Host: Kamal Sharma. Performers: BC Cultural Bhangra Academy Kiruthika Rathanaswami (Bharatanatyam) Zahra Habib (Bollywood) BC Cultural Bhangra Academy Girls Kirti Arneja Kamal Sharma
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3 Responses to “2011 Halloween Vancouver Canada .mpg”

  1. prasad604 says:

    🙂 hes? the best

  2. ProudDesiGirl says:

    Great Concert!

  3. sainath gajari says:

    sonu? nigam rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!