2007 BMW 5-Series Used Cars Westminster BC

http://www.kabaniauto.com This 2007 BMW 5-Series is available from Kabani Auto. For details, call us at 604-522-8889.

I’m playing a show in Vancouver, BC @ Cafe Deux Soleils March.29th/2013 with Mark Beasely (http://www.youtube.com/beazer32) The Address is 2096 Commercial Dr…

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  1. Marty Noyb says:

    I? love the lyrics && voice πŸ™‚ !

  2. MeandMichaelPT says:

    You mention Portugal in this song, my? country πŸ™‚ ! Have you ever been here?

  3. Mae Peterson says:


  4. monkiflip15 says:

    The way she spoke about mars and brasil? seriously made my heart melt and made me fall in love with you more thank you for your music

  5. quannguyen3010 says:

    OMG I’m in love with? this girl!

  6. moenee95 says:

    No your not (:?

  7. Carolyn Hua says:

    am? i the only one that chuckles when she says “like the chocolate bar”

  8. Cam Huginskiss says:


  9. Jacob Bennett says:

    Do you have the chords and words for this? I would love to cover this!? πŸ™‚

  10. Ohyeamaria says:

    What are the chords? πŸ˜• <

  11. DemiRonin says:

    HA! It’s so cute? how you correctly pronounce the foreign cities/countries.

  12. rsunmusic says:

    finding? your music has made this a much a better night.

  13. Fernanda Tarpinian says:

    the way you say Brazil ??

  14. Rory Tyner says:


  15. linzybloom says:

    i am? so glad I stumbled upon you Daniela πŸ™‚ you are so lovely!

  16. flower inasia says:

    Like a? marshmallow..:3 cute

  17. Dann Hoang says:

    This? deserves so many more views

  18. Kr QuiΓ±on says:

    This is? music.

  19. ilovicecream7 says:

    What are the chords for this song on the uke? sorry if this was already asked! love this? song:)

  20. gismon2 says:

    Alright Daniela, I’ll meet you in London and we can go from there… Deal??

  21. Jononoboy says:

    i wish she? was singing to me. even if i were deaf i just know it would be beautiful.