1965 Rambler American

Some cool Vancouver British Columbia images:

1965 Rambler American
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by Hugo90
Granville Island, Vancouver

BC Hydro Fishbowl
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by AaverageJoe
A vintage GM "Fishbowl" transit bus in BC Hydro Transit colours outside Stanley Park in Vancouver displaying the old route #11 Stanley Park. This bus has been fully restored and preserved by the Transit Museum Society.

BN Whiteface
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by AaverageJoe
Burlington Northern GP39-2 and a GP39M and a load of flatcars at a rail barge ramp at Vancouver Harbour. Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains are in the background.

15 Responses to “1965 Rambler American”

  1. R36 Coach says:

    It’s a 1964.

  2. Hugo90 says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/29997762@N05] I was wrong with ’63, but I see now it is actually a ’65. Check the trim on the side. The toothbrush like end is a ’65.
    1965 Rambler American

  3. BCOL CCCP says:


  4. Stacy Rae says:


  5. AaverageJoe says:


  6. napolifd says:

    great to see a restored bus

  7. cklx says:

    Great to see these engines north of the border. Where does the ferry go to?

  8. AaverageJoe says:

    I was very pleasantly surprised to see them as well. The last time I saw one of these engines in the Vancouver area it was a GP30 in the late ’80s! Don’t quote me on this, but I believe this is a ramp for Seaspan rail barges that go to Vancouver Island.

  9. BCOL CCCP says:

    nope van island is tilbury via CP this goes to the states

  10. BCOL CCCP says:

    bc rail use to barge to the states as well to washington

  11. AaverageJoe says:

    Thanks BCOL CCCP! Do you know what this dock is called? The barge ramp next to Ballantyne Piers?

  12. BCOL CCCP says:

    i have my train man working on where it goes exactly… not sure of the name.

  13. BCOL CCCP says:

    it goes to pulp mills and island –

  14. BCOL CCCP says:

    it should be called cumberland – according to my friend.

  15. AaverageJoe says:

    Thanks for the info! There’s not much at this dock except for the rail ramp and a small shed…