? TGN – 2012 Starts with a Bang! – WAY?

? TGN - 2012 Starts with a Bang! - WAY?

See the full show! ? tgn.tv New TGN office in downtown Vancouver, Canada! New Twitch “Team TGN” Livestream page! What’s coming in 2012! Use the Shoutbox, Luke! ? tgn.tv “A New Beginning” music at 0 by Jedborg ? jedborg.tgn.tv Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Get more George! ? http ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= What is WAY?? ? tgn.tv How do I get more views on YouTube? ? tgn.tv ? TGN grew from 0-10 million in 5 months and shares how in this handbook! Get more TGN! ? tgn.tv ? http ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv ? tgn.tv TGN servers live on the OneWire Cloud ? tgn.tv WAY? (We Are YouTube) ? tgn.tv
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22 Responses to “? TGN – 2012 Starts with a Bang! – WAY?”

  1. bowser88100 says:

    please? make a how to make a show for 2012 because i dont know how

  2. NaughtyMissTee says:

    Camera, Lights,? Action! Wowser! =D

  3. JimmyPMV says:

    Thank? you for partnering me TGN!!! I hope to help you grow to new heights!!!

  4. MrSwalezee says:

    all i need is 800 ish views till i get 1k views per day!? 🙂

  5. nicobbq says:

    My question to TGN is : Do you only look for people that play video games? Because on my youtube channel, I do pretty much anything that comes to my mind, being reviews to top10 to music parody. Check it out if you wish!?
    Keep up the good work!

  6. TechTimeToday1 says:

    Just hit 100K upload views and got partnered? by TGN! 😀

    That’s a pretty good way to start 2012.

  7. MstrMonstar says:

    Thankyou TGN for making? videos.^^ I am happy that your keeping and broadening TGN as its the one channel thats kind of home-like and friendly. I love the WAY idea even if ‘We are Youtube’ sounds a little cheesy! 😉 I’m sure others are appreciative too. I hope one day you become as big as machinima. Though, I hope you never turn into them haha 😉

  8. nrbbi says:

    I? normally alway do that but i forgot this time sorry! 🙂 And thx!

  9. Thatwowchannel says:

    Congratulations TGN you guys deserve? this!!!!

  10. GeDiZzGaming says:

    He’s? just enthusiastic..

  11. quakepapi says:


  12. tgnGeorge says:

    See the answer in the description below the video! Please read next time before? asking.

  13. matmicm1 says:


  14. nrbbi says:

    What? is the music at 0:00 ? Plz answer 😀

  15. WJS6495 says:

    TGN is growing!?

  16. sgamingr says:


  17. ReyBilingue says:

    This is very great! I only wish I would have joined TGN? sooner. Very impressed!

  18. SyntheticGamingHD says:

    I live on Vancouver Island! If I? become a director I will come visit you!

  19. xErasusEntertainment says:

    Hope he dont lie -_- Cause I created a extra channel for the? partnership :/

  20. TheTriumphCinema says:

    So Wait If I Already Got An Email From TGN Saying? That lll Get Partnership fin a few weeks.. will the overload of partnerships affect it?

  21. TopCompSnipersOG says:


  22. TheJupiterSailfish says:

    Good to hear that!? Glad everything is going well! Thanks a? lot TGN!