Vancouver, Canada

A view from Burrard Bridge to English Bay in t...

A view from Burrard Bridge to English Bay in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia is renowned for many reasons. The scenic beauty, the endless choice of outdoor activities, the fine dining, shopping, galleries, museums, music and theater venues. Yep, Vancouver, British Columbia sure has plenty of things going for it.

Here is a list of 25 Things To Do In Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vancouver, British Columbia really came to the forefront of the World stage when it hosted the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and not surprisingly there are still plenty of ways and places where you can relive the memories and visit attractions and activities which are related to them.

Outdoor Activities in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia is World renowned for the choice and diversity of its outdoor activities. Whenever you take part in even the most “ordinary” outdoor activity in Vancouver, you’ll soon realize that it’s actually a pretty extraordinary place.

  • Biking in Vancouver – well, you can bike anywhere can’t you? But cyclists in Vancouver have incredible mountain biking opportunities amongst unspoilt nature trails all within minutes of downtown Vancouver. It’s also a great way to tour the wonderful beaches and neighborhoods, there are an incredible 249 miles bicycle routes in Vancouver, the largest of all British Columbia cities.

  • Hiking in Vancouver – the hiking is great around Vancouver, British Columbia too. It don’t matter whether you join one of the guided hiking tours or go it alone, the whole region has a terrific range of hiking trails, all well marked and suitable for all levels of hiking ability.

  • Climbing & Caving in Vancouver – not only does Vancouver have some of the best rock climbing opportunities around at Squamish, Whistler and Stawamus Chief in the Tantalus Range, there’s also a little piece of rock climbing heaven in a suburb of West Vancouver, and it’s not even a half hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver. I’m talking about the incredible Lighthouse Park which has fantastic seafront cliffs as well as some pretty good bouldering.

Pretty awesome huh?

  • Bungee Jumping & Ziplining in Vancouver – adrenalin junkies take note, if you want something which really gets your blood pumping then head over to Grouse Mountain, at Vancouver’s North Shore  and take a Zipline Mountain Tour, zipping past the forests at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour – if you dare. If it all looks like a little too much for you then just enjoy the otherwise serene nature of the place.

My stomach is fluttering just watching that video . . . awesome!

Water Activities in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia also has more than its fair share of water based activities. Beautiful beaches, boating, sailing, cruising, touring, fishing, diving, whale watching . . . . whoah, hold on a minute!

  • Whale Watching in Vancouver – I’ve started with this popular Vancouver activity because, let’s face it, you can’t go whale watching just anywhere you know, it is pretty special. Whale watching tours from Vancouver have that wonderful mixture of wildlife viewing and breathtaking scenery within minutes of a major city. You could get a good selection of whales to watch too, with the opportunity to spot grey whales, killer whales (Orcas), minke whales and humpback whales, as well as other stuff like dolphins, porpoises and sea birds.

Wasn’t that something?

  • Beaches in Vancouver –  Vancouver coastline has numerous beaches nestled around the urban center, with beautiful sandy beaches, clean water and amazing views. They’re all a little bit different, they do get crowded from June through August, especially on the weekends and holidays. Wreck Beach is a great place to head if you don’t want to get any white marks from your bathing suit, the only bathing suits you’ll find there are birthday suits.

Did you like that? And not a birthday suit in sight, at least, I didn’t spot one!

  • Diving in Vancouver – it’s difficult to explain really, so you’ll just have to see for yourself, but everything in Vancouver, British Columbia is kind of easy and accessible, and that goes for the diving too. You can enjoy some great dives right from the shore. Explore sunken wrecks, search for wolf eels and octopus or take one of the many charters to the pinnacles and reefs.

Winter Activities in Vancouver, British Columbia

Not only does Vancouver have tons of great stuff to keep you busy in the summer time, there’s also some pretty terrific winter activity facilities too.

  • Skiing and Snowboarding in Vancouver – there aren’t many major cities in the world which can double up as a winter sport mecca, and Vancouver is definitely one of them. Vancouver has three ski mountains, Grouse, Seymour and Cypress, part of the North Shore mountains. No wonder Vancouver was chosen to host the 2010 winter Olympic Games.
  • Snowmobiles in Vancouver – If skiing is not your style but you really want to get out and enjoy those snow covered mountains then why not book onto a snowmobiling tour, they’re great fun – wrap up warm!

Other Stuff to do in Vancouver, British Columbia

If all of this stuff seems a little “full on” for you and you’re more the shop, wander around the park and sit back to be entertained type of visitor then worry not, ‘cos Vancouver has loads of stuff for you to enjoy too.

  • Wildlife & Parks in Vancouver – a large part of the appeal of Vancouver is definitely the structure, it has equal parts of urbanization and nature. There are ample opportunities to go bird watching, you can explore the rain forests at Lynn Canyon Park or even visit the Grouse Mountain Refuge in the hopes of spotting some bears. Vancouver really does prove that a city can have it all – natural treasures and city splendour all rolled into one.
  • Explore Vancouver – and all of the entertainment and attractions you can find there. It doesn’t matter whether you travel alone, as a couple of bring the entire family, there’s something for everyone in Vancouver, British Columbia. Museums, gardens, sporting events, theaters, casinos, spectacular shopping, nightlife . . . need I say more.

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Wasn’t that great?


Wasn’t that great?